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​Recruitment information

your "potential"
may be necessary.

When you are moved, when your heart is shaken, then people's feelings are moved. Be impressed by the services provided by Keiyu Printing.

That is the mission given to the employees of Keiyu Printing.

Keiyu Printing may need your "potential" that Keiyu Printing does not have now. Would you like to share your "potential" with us?


With accumulated know-how and technology

Become a professional who supports “manufacturing”

Our mission is to design information that remains in the hands of the end user by proposing ways to maximize the appeal of the precious "works" entrusted to us by our customers while staying close to their needs.

​Human Resources Needed

I am really looking forward to meeting people who are excited about creating a new style by themselves, without being bound by existing methods and ways of thinking.


​-Let's "co-create" with your "potential"-

Send completed.

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