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follow the thoughts of the creator

Follow the Thoughts of the Creator

A little effort in the color matching process

Indigo, red, yellow, and ink.
From the myriad of colors that spread from four colors of ink,
Here is a technique that can create your ideal color.

and characteristic.
Special colors that cannot be expressed with process inks are also carefully kneaded.
There is no greater joy for us than for you to see us by your side.


A single photo or illustration
Impact on people's lives
we believe

Paper is a tangible asset
We believe that this sense of realism and real weight satisfies our fundamental desires.
Ichiyo's photograph, Ichiben's illustration, Ippen's poem.

We carefully and thoroughly identify the elements and characteristics that make up the work,
Maximize the power of content on paper.
Sometimes with dynamic content techniques.

A reliable axis for the production system

Because it is an integrated production factory,
We have selected the best materials and the fastest and best processes.

To ensure the success of each and every project,
All processes and between processes are fully optimized.

There is no such thing as partial optimization in Keiyu Printing,
Each facility/device is organically functionally combined in order to make one deliverable more reliable.
It's not just "own style". We also obtain standard certifications from industry associations and accreditation bodies.

WebOffice, a process control system developed in-house, controls Keiyu Printing's production resources.
Through active IT management centered on this system,
Keiyu Printing has been selected as a practice-certified company in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Small and Medium Enterprise IT Management Power Award.




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Itabashi Head Office/Factory

​ 46-2 Oharacho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0061


TEL: 03-3558-9311 FAX: 03-3558-9411

[Sales Division]
TEL: 03-3558-7682 FAX: 03-3558-7694

[Production Department]
TEL: 03-6279-8017

[engineering department]
TEL: 03-3558-7690

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