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Message from President

Both of you and of us, both physically and mentally
Aim for abundance.

​Representative Director

Now is the digital age.

Fewer people read books and newspapers on paper, and print media continues to decline.
Paper media, which has a texture and texture, and a rich and weighty format, is now strong enough to deliver the true value of the content it conveys, whether knowledge or entertainment, in the most appropriate form. It's our mission.
Keiyu Printing was founded in 1995 in Iidabashi, Tokyo.

Our company started out as a commissioned printing service for study reference books for elementary and secondary education. Today, as a partner from the conception and planning stages, we are able to serve our customers in a wide range of fields, including academic journals, picture books, advertising marketing, and web production. is.

We have an integrated in-house production system from typesetting/design to printing, processing, and bookbinding, and we are currently pursuing and proposing the possibilities of paper for all industries and sectors, while at the same time developing new communication and new manufacturing beyond paper. is starting the challenge of
Aiming for richness both physically and mentally, together with you.

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