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Initiatives for SDGs

Initiatives for SDGs


Keiyu Printing has started SDGs initiatives in 2021.

Together with each employee, we aim to contribute to a sustainable society.


​ Event at Ryohin Keikaku's "MUJI" store

- ​ Tsukamihon sales meeting -

"I agree with the initiative to cherish the waste"

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd., which develops MUJI, is promoting various initiatives to realize a comfortable life and society. “Mottainai Ichi” refers to products that can be used but are not sold in stores due to minor scratches, stains, color, or dyeing during the manufacturing process. By selling, it is an initiative to take care of resources.

thisThe Namacho Project agrees with the initiative to cherish wastefulness, and delivers bundles of samples that were supposed to be discarded and recycled to customers who find new value in the form of sales events. increase.


For learning support and support for foreigners
Provision of teaching materials and forms

To Itabashi General Volunteer Center, our subsidiary​ central educational book sales "learning materials" and copy paper were provided.

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